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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Rule 701B
Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Admissions Review Committee

(a) The Supreme Court shall appoint an Admissions Review Committee (Review Committee) consisting of three active attorneys in good standing and engaged in the practice of law in Kansas who are not members of the Board. The Supreme Court shall designate one member as chair.

(b) The initial terms for each of the three members shall be for one, two, or three years. Subsequent terms shall be for three years, except an appointment to fill an unexpired term. The Supreme Court shall appoint a new member to fill a vacancy occurring during a term. No member may serve more than three consecutive three-year terms, except that a member whose initial term is less than three years may serve three consecutive three-year terms thereafter. Temporary appointments may be made by the Supreme Court for a particular application if a Review Committee member has a conflict or for a period of time if a Review Committee member is unable to act.

(c) The Review Committee shall meet on call of the Admissions Attorney who shall designate the time, date, and place of the meeting. Meetings may be conducted by telephone conference.

(d) Individual members of the Review Committee may review written materials, interview bar applicants referred by the Admissions Attorney, and report to the full committee. The Review Committee may approve an applicant or request additional investigation or materials from the Admissions Attorney or an applicant. On a finding of probable cause that an applicant has failed to meet the applicant’s burden to establish by clear and convincing evidence the requisite character and fitness qualifications under Rule 707, the Review Committee shall refer the applicant to the Board for a hearing, subject to Rule 721(f). The Review Committee shall take final action only on a majority vote of the members.

(e) The chair shall maintain records reflecting each action of the Review Committee and shall distribute copies of the records to members of the Review Committee, the Admissions Attorney, and the Clerk of the Appellate Courts.

(f) The Review Committee may employ or otherwise obtain the services of other persons to assist in carrying out its duties herein. Compensation for any person so employed shall be that agreed upon between such person and the Review Committee, subject to prior approval of the Supreme Court.

(g) Each member of the Review Committee shall be paid all actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of services. All expenses of the Review Committee shall be paid out of the bar admission fee fund.

[History: New rule effective February 3, 2014.]

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