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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Rule 714
Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Accuracy and Honesty in Completing Bar Applications

(a) Each applicant for admission to the bar has a duty to be candid and to respond carefully and accurately to questions in all phases of the application and admission process. Each applicant must respond fully to all inquiries.

(b) Failure to accurately and completely answer all questions on the application, failure to disclose requested information, lack of candor in any answer or falsification of any answer may result in denial of an application for admission to practice law in Kansas and may constitute grounds for revocation of the license to practice law granted to any person based thereon.

[History: New Rule effective July 1, 2009.]

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings