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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Rule 701
Rules Relating to Admission of Attorneys

Kansas Board of Law Examiners

(a) The Supreme Court shall appoint a board consisting of ten members to be known as the Kansas Board of Law Examiners (hereinafter referred to as the Board).
Effective July 1, 2012, the terms of existing Board members will be vacated and each will be assigned a term between one and five years. At the conclusion of that term, any member who has not yet served ten years on the Board may be appointed to one additional five-year term.
At the expiration of the terms of existing members, the term of each succeeding member of the Board shall be five years. The Supreme Court will appoint a new member to fill a vacancy on the Board occurring during a term. A new member appointed to fill a vacancy serves the unexpired term of the previous member. No member may serve more than two consecutive five-year terms, except that a member initially appointed to serve an unexpired term may serve two consecutive five-year terms thereafter.

(b) The Supreme Court shall designate one member as chairman and another as vice chairman. The Clerk of the Appellate Courts shall serve as secretary but shall not be a member of the Board.

(c) The Board shall act only with the concurrence of a majority of those present and eligible to vote. Seven members shall constitute a quorum.

(d) No individual member of the Board shall communicate with applicants regarding completion of applications for admission or character and fitness investigations. Neither the Board nor any member thereof shall conduct post-examination interviews with applicants pertaining to questions asked on the written examination or answers given, grading procedures, or an applicantƒ­s performance.

(e) The Board may employ or otherwise obtain the services of other persons to assist in carrying out its duties herein. Compensation for any person so employed shall be that agreed upon between such person and the Board, subject to prior approval of the Supreme Court.

(f) Each member of the Board shall receive, as compensation for his or her services, an amount set by order of the Supreme Court. All compensation due under this rule shall be paid monthly or in such other manner as shall be provided by law. In addition, each member of the Board shall be paid all actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of services.

(g) All compensation and expenses of the Board shall be paid out of the bar admission fee fund.

(h) The Board may adopt such rules and procedures not inconsistent with these rules, which it shall deem necessary to facilitate the performance of its duties.

[History: New Rule effective July 1, 2009; Am. (a) effective July 1, 2012; Am. (f) effective September 1, 2016.]

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