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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Continuing Legal Education

Rule 805
Continuing Legal Education

Provider Responsibility

(a) Marketing Prior to Approval. A provider of a CLE program for which accreditation has been sought but not yet approved may announce: “Application for CLE approval of this activity in Kansas is currently pending. Attorneys wanting to know the CLE approval status of a program should contact the sponsor.”
(b) Late Report of Attendance by Provider. A provider of an accredited in-state CLE program, held by June 30 of a compliance period, must report the attendance for the program by July 31. Otherwise, the provider is responsible for the fees set forth in Rule 807(c).
(c) Audit of Activities. A provider must allow a Commission member or staff to attend, free of charge, any continuing legal education program to audit compliance with these rules. Such attendance does not qualify for mandatory continuing legal education credit for the Commission member or staff.
(d) Evaluations. At the conclusion of an approved program, each participating attorney must be given the opportunity to complete an evaluation form addressing the quality, effectiveness, and usefulness of the program. The Commission may request copies of the evaluations.
(e) Record Retention. A provider must keep on file for a minimum of 3 years attendance records and evaluation summaries for a program.

[History: New rule adopted effective July 1, 2011; Am. effective July 1, 2017.]

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings