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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Continuing Legal Education

Rule 803
Continuing Legal Education

Minimum Requirements

(a) Credit Hours. An active attorney must earn a minimum of 12 CLE credit hours at approved programs in each compliance period (July 1 to June 30). Of the 12 hours, at least 2 hours must be in the area of ethics and professionalism.
(b) Carryover Credit. If an active attorney completes CLE credit hours at approved programs during a compliance period exceeding the number of hours required by subsection (a) and the practitioner complies with the requirements of Rule 806, the practitioner may carry forward to the next compliance period up to 10 unused general attendance credit hours from the compliance period during which the credit hours were earned. However, ethics and professionalism credit hours in excess of the 2-hour requirement in subsection (a) may be carried forward as general attendance credit hours but not as ethics and professionalism credit. CLE credit hours approved for teaching, authorship, or law practice management credit do not qualify for carryover credit.
(c) Reporting. CLE credit hours at an approved program for each attorney must be reported to the Commission in the form and manner the Commission prescribes.
(d) Exemptions. The following attorneys are not required to fulfill the CLE requirement in subsection (a):
(1) An attorney newly admitted to practice law in Kansas during the period prior to the first compliance period beginning after admission to practice.
(2) An attorney during the time the attorney is on retired or inactive status pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 208 and registered on inactive status with the CLE Commission.
(3) All active and retired federal and state judges or justices, bankruptcy judges, and full-time magistrates of the United States District Court for the District of Kansas who are not engaged in the practice of law. Federal and state administrative judges are not eligible for this exemption.
(4) An attorney exempted by the Commission for good cause pursuant to subsection (e).
(e) Exemptions for Good Cause. The Commission may grant an exemption to the strict requirement of these rules to complete continuing legal education because of good cause, e.g., disability or hardship. A request for exemption must be submitted to the Commission in writing with full explanation of the circumstances necessitating the request. An attorney with a disability or hardship that affects the attorney’s ability to attend CLE programs may file annually a request for a substitute program in lieu of attendance and must propose a substitute program the attorney can complete. The Commission must review and approve or disapprove a substitute program on an individual basis. An attorney who receives approval of a substitute program is responsible for the annual CLE fee required by Rule 808.
(f) Legislative Service. Upon request, an attorney serving in the Kansas Legislature will receive a reduction of 6 of the 10 general attendance credit hours required for the compliance period in which the attorney serves.
(g) Accommodation for Attorneys Employed Out-of-Country. An attorney employed full time outside the United States for a minimum of 8 months during the compliance period may, upon written request and preapproval, complete the annual CLE requirement by prerecorded programming.

[History: New rule adopted effective July 1, 2011; Am. (b) effective July 1, 2011; Am. (g) effective November 8, 2011; Am. (d) effective August 24, 2012; Am. effective July 1, 2017.]

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