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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Continuing Legal Education

Rule 801
Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education Commission

(a) The Commission. There is hereby created the Continuing Legal Education Commission.
(b) Duties and Responsibilities. The Commission is responsible for the administration of Rules 801 through 811, subject to the supervision of the Supreme Court. The authority of the Commission includes: (1) accrediting providers and programs and determining the number of hours of CLE credit to be given for participating in a program; (2) granting or withdrawing approval of all or less than all programs of a provider; (3) receiving and considering reports of attorneys; (4) granting waivers and extensions of time to complete requirements; (5) giving notices and certifications required by these rules; and (6) adopting guidelines necessary to implement or administer these rules.
(c) Composition. The Commission shall consist of nine members appointed by the Supreme Court. All attorney members must be registered under Supreme Court Rule 208. The members must include: (1) five practicing attorneys, at least one of whom has been admitted to practice law in Kansas for fewer than 10 years; (2) a faculty representative from each of the University of Kansas and Washburn University Schools of Law; (3) one nonattorney member; and (4) a justice or judge.
(d) Term of Service. Appointment as a Commission member is for a 3-year term. The Supreme Court will appoint a new member to fill a vacancy on the Commission occurring during a term. A new member appointed to fill a vacancy serves the unexpired term of the previous member. No member may serve more than two consecutive 3-year terms, except that a member initially appointed to serve an unexpired term may serve two consecutive 3-year terms thereafter.
(e) Meetings. The Commission may meet at such times and places as it determines.
Five members constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
(f) Election of Officers. At the first Commission meeting held in each annual compliance period, the Commission must elect from its members a chairman, a vice chairman, and a secretary.
(g) Expenses. Members of the Commission and Commission staff shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses they incur in travel to and from Commission meetings and for authorized travel in connection with Commission business.
(h) Confidentiality. Unless otherwise directed by the Supreme Court, the files, records, and proceedings of the Commission that relate to or arise out of the failure of an attorney to satisfy continuing legal education requirements are confidential and must not be disclosed except in furtherance of the Commission's duties or on request of the attorney affected. However, anonymous statistical abstracts may be drawn from the files, records, and proceedings.
(i) Staff. The Commission may employ an Executive Director and other necessary staff and may delegate to the director or staff the authority to conduct the business of the Commission under these Rules and Commission guidelines, subject to review by the Commission.
(j) Contact Information for Commission. The Commissionís mailing address is Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission, Attn: Executive Director, 400 S. Kansas Ave., Ste. 202, Topeka, Kansas 66603. The Commissionís telephone number is 785-357-6510. The Commissionís website address is www.kscle.org.

[History: New rule adopted effective July 1, 2011; Am. effective December 4, 2009; Am. (d) effective April 29, 2013, Am. (h) effective July 1, 2017.]

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