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Kansas Child Support Guidelines (effective April 1, 2012)

NEW: Kansas Child Support Guidelines (effective January 1, 2016)

Staff of the Office of Judicial Administration are prohibited from giving the public legal advice, research assistance, or aid in interpreting the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. If you have questions regarding how the Guidelines apply in your child support case, please contact your attorney.

The Kansas Supreme Court issued Administrative Order No. 261 on March 26, 2012, making technical corrections to the Kansas Child Support Guidelines and clarifying instructions to the Equal Parenting Time Formula introduced through Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 260. The corrections were necessary to clarify that use of the Shared Expense Formula and the Equal Parenting Time Formula are discretionary with the court to enable either parent to be responsible for direct expenses of the child, and to provide a worksheet to facilitate calculating the child support obligation when using the Equal Parenting Time Formula. A strikeout version and a clean version of the Kansas Child Support Guidelines are provided through the following links.

The strikeout version for Administrative Order No. 260 effective April 1, 2012, superceded by Administrative Order No. 261, is available here.

Questions regarding the Kansas Child Support Guidelines should be directed to Amy Raymond, Director of Trial Court Programs at kansascsg@kscourts.org.

Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 261
Strikeout Version - (effective April 1, 2012)
Clean Version - (effective April 1, 2012)

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