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Proposed 2016 Kansas Child Support Guidelines

Public Comment

Take a few minutes to complete the survey. Comments will be accepted until 8 a.m. Monday, June 22, 2015.

Proposed Guidelines

The proposed 2016 Kansas Child Support Guidelines contain several changes. Recommended new language appears in bold and parts recommended to be removed appear in strikeout.

Although it looks long, more than half of the document is tables, forms, examples, and appendices.

Preliminary Recommendations

Currently, Kansas child support orders are issued according to guidelines established in April 2012.

Preliminary Recommendations to the Kansas Child Support Guidelines summarize substantive changes to the guidelines recommended to the Kansas Supreme Court in April 2015.

The report also lists who serves on the Kansas Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee and gives an overview of the process the committee used to review the April 2012 guidelines and to make recommended changes to the Supreme Court.

Remember, the survey linked to above allows you to share your opinion about the recommended changes and on the Kansas Child Support Guidelines generally.

Ecomonists' Report

The Economist's report describes data and statistical techniques used to determine recommended child support obligations found in the child support schedules in Appendix II.

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