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Citizen Review Board (CRB) Program

What is a CRB?

A Citizen Review Board (CRB) is comprised of community volunteers who are appointed by the administrative judge of a judicial district to review the status of cases involving children in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Each CRB is made up of no less than three members and no more than seven members.

The programs are administered locally either through the District Court or by a not-for-profit agency. The Kansas Supreme Court has established standards for CRB program operations. Programs are reviewed annually to insure that the programs are in compliance with these standards. Only programs meeting the standards are eligible to review cases assigned by the District Court.

What does a CRB volunteer do?

The duties and responsibilities of a CRB volunteer are set out in K. S. A. 38-1813. A CRB shall:

  • review cases, receive verbal information from all parties with pertinent information about the cases, and access information in the court's case file,
  • determine the progress which has been made to acquire a permanent home for the children,
  • suggest alternative goals for the cases, if progress is insufficient, and
  • make recommendations to the presiding judge regarding further actions on the cases.

How do you qualify to be a CRB?

A CRB volunteer must be a least 18 years of age. A potential volunteer must complete the following screening procedure:

  • complete a written application providing information which includes educational background, employment history, and personal experience with child abuse & neglect,
  • provide three references from person unrelated to the applicant,
  • participate in a personal interview,
  • pass a records check through state child abuse registries and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and national criminal data bases, and
  • complete no less than 6 hours of specialized training.

Individuals successfully passing the screening process are certified as CRB volunteers. Once certified, a volunteer is eligible to be assigned a Board.

Where are the CRB programs in Kansas?

Currently, nine of the thirty one judicial districts have certified CRB programs. A list of these programs, revised 2/2/07, is available on this web site.

Counties Served by Citizen Review Boards

Listing of Kansas Citizen Review Boards
Judicial District
Counties Served
3rd Judicial District
5th Judicial District
Chase and Lyon
7th Judicial District
9th Judicial District
Harvey and McPherson
14th Judicial District
Chautauqua and Montgomery
16th Judicial District
Clark, Ford, Gray and Meade
20th , 23rd, and 24th
Judicial Districts
Barton, Edwards, Ellis, Ellsworth,
Gove, Hodgeman, Lane, Ness,
Pawnee, Rice, Rooks, Rush, Russell,
Stafford and Trego
27th Judicial District
28th Judicial District
Ottawa and Saline

For more information, contact Frayna Scrinopskie at (785)368-8245.