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Hon. Kevin P. Moriarty, Chief Judge
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Olathe, KS 66061
State of Kansas
Frazier Glenn Cross
)     Johnson County
)     Case No. 14 CR 853

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Lisa Taylor, public information director for the Office of Judicial Administration, is the media contact for this proceeding. Reach her by email at 14CR853@kscourts.org.

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Date Document
05-26-15 Motion for Typewriter
05-14-15 Order
04-30-15 Motion to Suppress Statements and Physical Evidence
04-30-15 Motion to Suppress Identification
04-30-15 Motion for Court to Hear and Rule on For Cause and Peremptory Challenges Outside the Presence of the Venire Panel
04-30-15 Motion for Order of Exclusion and Separation of Witnesses
04-30-15 Motion to Ensure Courtroom Decorum
04-30-15 Motion to Determine Order of Closing Argument at Penalty Phase
04-30-15 Motion to Bar Victim Impact Evidence
04-30-15 Motion to Bar "For Cause: Challenges to Jurors Based on Their Religious Opposition to the Death Penalty
04-30-15 Motion for Accused to Appear at All Proceedings Without Constraints
04-30-15 Motion to Preclude Improper Impeachment of Expert Witnesses
04-30-15 Motion for Use of Jury Questionnaires
04-30-15 Motion in Limine (Regarding the Defendant's Prior Criminal Record)
04-30-15 Motion for Voir Dire RE: Sentencing Length
04-30-15 Motion to Allow Voir Dire Regarding the Cost-Effectiveness of the Death Penalty
04-30-15 Motion for Individual Voir Dire
04-30-15 Motion for Pretrial Hearing Regarding the Admissibility of Gruesome Photographs
04-30-15 Motion for Hearing Concerning Antemortem Photographs
04-30-15 Motion for Discovery Deadline
04-30-15 Motion for Change of Venue
04-30-15 Motion for Allocution Before the Sentencing Jury
04-30-15 Motion for Accused to Appear in Civilian Clothing
04-01-15 State's Motion and Brief RE: Self-Representation
03-25-15 Motion to Set Trial Date Beyond the 150-Day Timeframe Set Forth in K.S.A. 22-3402(a)
03-25-15 Brief in Support of Motion to Set Trial Date Beyond the 150-Day Timeframe Set Forth in K.S.A. 22-3402(a)
03-23-15 Supplemental Suggestions for Internet Access
03-09-15 Order for Preliminary Hearing Transcript
02-12-15 Agreed Order
02-11-15 Entry of Appearance
02-09-15 Order to Withdraw
02-06-15 Motion to Withdraw
01-09-15 Motion for Return of Property
01-09-15 Motion for Internet Access
12-18-14 State's Notice of Intent to Seek Separate Sentencing Proceeding Pursuant to K.S.A. 21-6617
11-13-14 Journal Entry and Order
11-12-14 Motion to Determine Competency
10-31-14 Order Granting Admission Pro Hac Vice
10-31-14 Affidavit in Support of Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice
10-31-14 Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice
10-28-14 Motion for Continuance
10-27-14 Motion for Continuance
10-17-14 Second Amended Complaint
09-17-14 Order to Permit Consumption of D.N.A. Samples
08-25-14 State's Motion to Permit Consumption of D.N.A. Samples
05-27-14 Amended Complaint
04-24-14 Entry of Appearance (defense counsel)
04-23-14 Order Relating to Media and Security
04-21-14 Order (prohibiting extrajudicial statements by counsel, law enforcement)
04-15-14 Complaint

Hon. Ryan Thomas Kelly
Hon. Thomas Kelly Ryan
Presiding Judge

Prosecuting Attorneys
Stephen M. Howe
Johnson County District Attorney

Christopher L. McMullin
Chief Deputy
Johnson County District Attorney

Frazier Glenn Cross represents himself

Stand-by Defending Attorneys
Mark A. Manna
Martin D. Warhurst
Jeffrey G. Dazey