Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be excused from Jury Duty?
Requests for excuse from jury service should be included on the juror questionnaire. The Court will review the request and advise the prospective juror of its decision.
Who do I contact about child support payments?
Kansas Payment Center at 1-800-572-5722 or on the Internet at
How do I file a Small Claims case?
Click here.
Where can I get copies of death certificates?
Kansas Department of Health and Vital Statistics at 785-296-1400 or on the Internet at
How do I get a diversion?
Contact the County Attorney. For contact information, visit the web page of the county where the citation was issued by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of this page.
What if I want to contest my traffic ticket?
Appear before the court on the day specified on your citation.
How do I get my driver's license reinstated?
Contact the Clerk of the District Court where the citation was issued to determine the total amount due. After the balance is paid, the Clerk will notify the Department of Revenue and they will send you a reinstatement letter shortly after. If you pay with a personal check, debit, or credit card, there is a 21 day waiting period before the Department of Revenue is notified.
Where can I find free or low-cost legal services?
Kansas Legal Services at 1-800-675-5860
How do I get a court appointed attorney?
If you think you may qualify for a court appointed attorney because of low income, you need to fill out a Financial Affidavit, which you may obtain from the Clerk of the District Court. A Judge will decide whether you financially qualify for court appointed counsel.
Court appointed counsel if available only in Criminal and Contempt cases where it is possible that the Court could impose a jail sentence. You will be required to repay the court appointed attorney fees as ordered by the Court.


Note: The District Court Clerk's office is PROHIBITED BY LAW from giving ANY legal advice.