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Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Commission Website

Hon. Patrick McAnany
Hon. Patrick D. McAnany
Commission Chair

Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Commission web site! The Commission, a 24-member panel appointed by the Supreme Court in late 2010 from across the state, conducted an intensive review of state court operations and structure. The goal was to find improvements in the way the courts serve Kansas.

The Hon. Patrick D. McAnany, a judge of the Kansas Court of Appeals since 2004, and a former two-term Chief Judge of the Johnson County District Court, served as Commission Chair.

The Commission members, community leaders from around the state, came together to find ways for the courts to operate as efficiently as possible while maintaining access to the courts. The Commission membership was appointed to reflect the wide diversity of the state's population, both geographically and professionally. Members include appointments of one each by Governor Sam Brownback, former Gov. Mark Parkinson, House Speaker Mike O'Neal, and Senate President Steve Morris.

The Commission was authorized to consider such issues as the number of court locations needed to provide Kansans access to justice, the services to be provided in each court location, hours of operation, appropriate use of technology, cost containment or reductions, and flexibility in the use of human resources. However, the Commission was not limited to those subjects and had the authority as its work progressed to review other operational efficiencies associated with the court system.

The Commission completed its work with a Report to the Supreme Court, submitted to the Court on January 3, 2012, with various recommendations for action.

To aid in their work, the Commission had the results of a weighted caseload study of both judicial and non-judicial staff time required to process the court system cases. The weighted caseload study was the first review in Kansas history to accurately measure the time and personnel required to process cases by considering such influences as case complexity, the driving time for some judges in less populated areas to travel from court to court within their district, and administrative burdens.

In addition, the Commission held a statewide series of public hearings to gain input from court users, other stakeholders in the system, and the general public. Findings derived from the hearings and the results of time studies conducted in connection with the weighted caseload studies were assimilated into the final Commission Report to the Supreme Court.