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Kansas Court of Appeals
Opinions Released August 20, 2010

Published Opinions

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Docket Number / Case Name
101382 - Byers v. Snyder
101457 - Estate of Mills v. Mangosing
102117 - State v. Hall
102677 - State v. B. Miller

Unpublished Opinions
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Docket Number / Case Name / Judge / Disposition / County
101861 State v. Cortez Per Curiam Affirmed Finney.
102066 City of Lindsborg v. Hulse Per Curiam Affirmed McPherson.
102140 State v. Garcia Bukaty, J. Affirmed Morton.
102321 State v. Dempsay Per Curiam Affirmed in part and dismissed in part Coffey.
102344 State v. Beachy Per Curiam Reversed and remanded Reno.
102449 State v. Rodriguez Per Curiam Reversed and remanded Seward.
102468 In the Matter of Care and Treatment of Burch Per Curiam Affirmed Wyandotte.
102472 State v. Sophaphone Greene, J. Affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded with directions Wyandotte.
102539 The Estate of Taylor, et al., v. Medicalodges and Cushing Memorial Hospital Per Curiam Affirmed Leavenworth.
102563 State v. Kiefer Per Curiam Dismissed in part and vacated in part Sedgwick.
102665 Fail v. Fail, et al. Per Curiam Affirmed Wilson.
102686 State v. D. Miller Per Curiam Affirmed Reno.
102705 Ritter v. Kansas Department of Revenue Per Curiam Affirmed Saline.
102803 State v. Phillips Per Curiam Affirmed Wyandotte.
102828 Burrows v. Bowdre, et al., and Harr, et al. Per Curiam Affirmed Montgomery.
102871 State v. Rowland Leben, J. Dismissed Reno.
102920 Martinez v. Tyson Fresh Meats Per Curiam Affirmed Workers Compensation Board.
103081 State v. Walling Per Curiam Dismissed Johnson.
103468 State v. Brown Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
103511 State v. Stenli Per Curiam Affirmed McPherson.
103650 State v. Rose Per Curiam Affirmed Sedgwick.
103897 State v. Reed Per Curiam Affirmed Riley.

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